Donuts Don't Spoil

Last night Southpaw hosted the DONUTS ARE FOREVER 2 party, a tribute event for J Dilla and Lupus Research, organized by Rare Form

Hands down one of the best events I've been to...the energy, music and atmosphere were so right...Phonte from Little Brother hosted, DJs Brainchild, Bill Sharp, OP!, Akalepse and Houseshoes spun all night, and you could just feel the sincere joy from crowd every time the DJ dropped a new track...I met people that traveled from Cali, Detroit, Chicago and beyond to witness the annual Dilla celebration...really shows how Dilla's music & impact will continue to live on

Shout out to Derreck (Rare Form), J (Cornerstone), and Phonte for plugging the Samplology Dilla mixtape and passing them out on stage!

And to 6th Sense for the great footage